Biographical Sketch of Reverend Barbara Jean (Haney) Jenkins

Rev. B.J. Jenkins,
President of the L.A. Gathering of Rev. Sisters

Reverend B.J. Jenkins was licensed to the Gospel Ministry by the order of
the Faithful Central Bible Church, Inglewood,Ca. On December 2, 2001.
Committed to continuing education, her academic and theological preparation
are as follows:

1963 Graduate of the Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles,Ca.
Associate of Arts Degree in Sociology

1965 Graduate of California State University, Los Angeles,Ca.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work

1992 Graduate of Bethany Bible College, Los Angeles, Ca.
Associate Arts Degree in Christian Education/Evangelism

1996 Graduate of Southern California School of Ministry, Inglewood,Ca.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology(Suma cum laude)
1996 Course work completed at Azusa Pacific- West, Inglewood, Ca.

1997 Pentecostal Bible College-West, Pomona,Ca.
Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree

2001 Graduate of Ministry Preparation Training, Faithful
Central Bible Church, Ministry License

The practical experience and insight gained by Rev.Jenkins as a licensed minister is very extensive. Her ministry has included the following areas of responsibility.
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Counseling Ministry
  • Juvenile Prison Ministry
  • Stewardship/Wisdom in Finance
  • New Believers Discipleship
  • Water Baptism Orientation
  • Short term Global Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Lay Leadership Development
  • Family Group Leader
  • Teen Career Mentoring
  • Clergywomen Leader

Rev.Jenkins received Christ as her personal savior at age 12 and was
baptized by Dr.John L.Branham. She was baptized in the Holy Spirit under
ministry of Dr.Jean Perez.

Reverend Jenkins has conducted seven prayer retreats, coordinated
two national Clergywomen Conferences. She has taught numerous workshops and
seminars in the area of prayer, lay leadership development, and wisdom in
finances. She authored a Workbook entitled Wisdom in Finance. Her evangelism
experience includes outreach, door to door witnessing, and the Chaplin
Eagles Program at Juvenile Hall..

At her home church, St. Paul Baptist Church, she served as the choir
president, a Deaconness, and a Trustee. At Faithful Central, she has served
for nine years in the teaching Ministry, Intercessory Prayer Team, Christian
Education, and as a minister under Bishop Kenneth C.Ulmer.

Beyond her church, she served as a treasurer for the Southern
California Community Choir, the L.A.Chapter Gospel Music Workshop of
America, and administrates the Rev. B.A. Wilson Scholarship at Fuller
Seminary, Pasadena,Ca, She served for three years on the board of Rev.Ev.
Ministry,Oakland, Ca., five years on the Board of Reach Me Foundation, and
served as a volunteer at the African American Center for World Missions.
Rev.Jenkins has participated in twelve short term Missions trips to Africa.

Since February, 2003, she is the president of the L.A. Gathering of
Rev. Sisters. Reverend Jenkins is a preacher of the Gospel.

Reverend Jenkins retired as a Supervising Children Services Worker in
March, 2001 with 35 1/2 years of service. She worked in San Bernardino County
Dept. Children Services until 2002 and later a six month assignment for L.A.
County Dept.of Children Services until October, 2002.



Founding President
January 2004 to July 2006
Dr. Joann Bynum, Pastor

Sierra Christian Church


Founding President- 2000 to 2003 Pastor Lorna Hart

Emmanuel Indep. Comm. Church

President 2003 to present
Rev. Barbara J. Jenkins

Faithful Central Bible Church,
Inglewood, California
4117 Garthwaite Ave.
Los Angeles,Ca. 90008
323 291-5265

Vice President
Rev. Mildred Fisher

Faithful Central Bible Church
Inglewood, California
323 779-9839

Vice President Pastoral Care
Rev. Luida Johnson

Pastor L.A. Shabach
Four Square Church

Min. Barbara J. Clark
323 299-8048

Rev. Dr. Gloria Mitchell

Faithful Central Bible Church


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